Fitness/ Wellness

Fitness Center

The Fitness Center is a private facility for Facility Users. Members are encouraged to complete the Fitness Center enrollment and encouraged to attend a PEP (personalized exercise plan) orientation and equipment orientation prior to using fitness equipment. The orientations are designed to familiarize Members with policies and procedures, instruct on the proper use of exercise equipment, assist in developing exercise programs and introduce Members to available exercise and wellness classes. Please contact the Fitness Center to schedule your orientation appointment.
• Proper athletic attire is required. Shirts must be worn at all times.
• Abrasive materials (denim, zippers, buttons, rivets) can damage equipment pads and are prohibited.
• Closed toe/heel athletic shoes are required. Socks and/or sandals are not acceptable. 
•Wipe down equipment after each use. Please be considerate of residents who will use the same equipment.
•Remember to wash your hands with warm, sudsy water after working out.
• We recommend placing a towel on benches and seated cardio equipment during workouts.
•Be aware of personal body odor. Refrain from using colognes or perfumed lotions that may be troublesome to others. Launder workout clothes frequently. 
•You are responsible to ensure a spotter is present during heavy and strenuous lifting.
•Report defective equipment to Fitness Center staff immediately.
• Read all instructions before operating equipment. If you are not familiar with equipment, ask Fitness Center staff for assistance.
• Check to ensure equipment seats are secured and pins are properly inserted.
• Do not jerk, bounce or slam weights. Collars are recommended when using free weights. Chalk is not allowed.
•Weights, plates and dumbbells may not be left on the floor or leaned against walls, mirrors or machines at any time. Re-rack weights after use.
•Advanced weight room workouts are at your own risk.
•Private training is not allowed unless instructed by authorized Personal Trainers.
•Bags of any kind are not permitted in the workout areas. Please use the lockers provided across the hall in the locker room.
•Please replace portable equipment after use (i.e. medicine balls, stability balls and bands). 
•Please take all personal and business calls outside of the Fitness Center. Cell phone use is limited to 30 seconds in the Fitness Center.
•Please refrain from profanity, loud grunts, loud talking and sing-a-longs with your personal music device.
•Inappropriate behavior that adversely affects others will be handled at the discretion of Fitness Center Management.
•Food and beverages are not allowed in the Fitness Center. Water is permitted in containers with closable tops.
• When doing multiple sets, allow others to work in. Do not occupy equipment by resting on equipment in between sets.


Fitness Classes

Fitness Schedule 
 Time Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday   
      Pilates Unlimited $2.75  
 Pilates & Strength
  Stretch & ROM  $2.75  
Line Dancing
Pilates & Strength $2.75
Strength Training  $2.75 Chair Exercise  $2.75  
Water Exercise
Water Exercise
Water Exercise  $2
Chair Exercise
Line Dancing
    Stretch & ROM  $2.75  
6:05-7p   Strength & Stretch $2.75        
Sign up for classes online through Activenet or at the Lakehouse front desk. 

Fitness Class Descriptions 
Chair Exercise:
Enjoy fun, low-impact exercise as you move through a variety of exercised designed for active older adults. Increase your muscular strength and range of motion, which will help you with activities of daily living. Exercises may use hand-held weights and elastic tubing with handles for resistance. 
Instructor: Laurey Boenig 
Line Dancing:
This class will teach you line dance moves from various genres of music. This class is designed to move at a moderate pace for learning, cardiovascular work, and fun! 
Instructor: Kenyetta Johnson-Brasher
Pilates Unlimited:
This is mat Pilates class focused on increasing core strength which includes the back and hips as well as the stomach. We will increase mind body awareness as you learn how to use your core muscles to control other body movements.  You will gain balance and stability, better body alignment as we  lengthen and strengthen your muscles. Pilates will leave you feeling more centered. We have an unlimited amount of options that we will use to help you reach your goals such as balls and bands.
Instructor: Traci Masters 
Strength Training: 
The Strength Training class takes you through a variety of exercises designed for active older adults. Increase your muscular strength and range of motion, which will help you with daily activities. Exercises may use hand-held weights and elastic tubing with handles for resistance. 
Instructor: Debbie Rychlik 
You will get a full body workout as we build muscle strength, balance and endurance by using different techniques such as body weight, dumbbells, balls and stretchy bands.  Mat Pilates will improve muscle control, flexibility, core strength and coordination.  This low impact class can be enjoyed by all fitness levels.  
Instructor: Traci Masters
Stretch/ROM :
This is a mat class that will help you to gain and maintain your range of motion and muscle flexibility through continuous joint movements and stretching of your muscles. Using a variety of techniques the balls, foam rollers, and bands with assist you body in increasing and improving your range of motion, flexibility, balance and concentration all through a relaxed guided class enjoyed by all fitness levels.
Instructor: Traci Masters 
Water Exercise:
Class offers shallow water aerobic warmup, followed by stretches to improve flexibility. This class may include beginner level water resistance exercises 
Instructor: Kathy Urbish 

Experience this gentle approach for creating balance and harmony in the body, mind and spirit. A series of gentle primary postures and yoga basics will be taught. We will emphasize increasing flexibility, stretching, lengthening spine and reducing tension.  
Instructor: Laurey Boeing 

Slimdown Challenge

When was the last time you lost 5 – 30+ pounds, or 2 - 15+% of your body weight? Our Challengers do it!!  Join us in achieving success in the Slim Down Challenge, beginning on January 21st & 28th  through May 13th. 

•  Prizes weekly & for overall results!
•  Weekly weigh-ins on Mondays to help you stay focused & accountable. 
•  Monday evening meeting (brief) with relevant topics and social interaction for support (optional) 
Additional Information:

•  You decide your nutrition and exercise program.  
•  Entry fee is $20 and entry fees (100%) are used as prize money
•  Confidential weigh-ins are on Mondays at 8:00 a.m. & 6:00 p.m.
•  Weekly meetings are Monday evenings from approx. 6:05 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
•  Individual weight is never disclosed.  
•  Challenge is based on the highest percentage of body weight loss which evens the ability to win regardless of whether male/female or amount of weight to lose.
Challenge yourself and bring your neighbors to the Slim Down Challenge!
Rules/ Entry forms are at the Lakehouse front desk. 


You can relax at the Lakehouse with a professional massage from our very own Janice Porterfield, a licensed massage therapist and Sweetgrass resident. A 60-minute massage is only $45. What a deal (and so close to home)! Appointments are offered at 10 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 12 p.m., 1:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. Cash or check only. Bring payment to the appointment. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Arrive 10-15 minutes early. Appointments must be made in advance at the Lakehouse front desk.