BOD Elections
Hello Sweetgrass, Welcome to the Board of Director Election page!
Our hope is that this will be your one-stop shop to gather all the information you will need for the upcoming Election.
* As a reminder - any information received outside of or from the candidates themselves is not official election information. *

Time Line

  • July 2 - Informal Meet the Candidates (11 AM - 1 PM)
    • Candidates that are able to attend will walk amongst attendees of this Red, White, and YOU Happy Hour
    • This is where we will announce the candidates and allow them an informal opportunity to meet and greet residents.
  • July 13 - Formal Meet the Candidates (Starts at 6 PM)
    • Candidates will introduce themselves and their platform
    • Theater Seating will be available for residents that wish to attend 
    • A LIVE Streaming option will also be available for those that cannot attend. (that link will be available here)
    • Questions for Candidates can be submitted up until 7 PM in person, and here for those watching online.
  • July 16 - Candidate Video Interviews released on, and Social Media Channels.
  • July 19 - Election Opens
    • As referenced in Article IV, Section 4.01(b) of the Bylaws, each household gets to vote for each Director position that is up for election.  In other words, since there are 5 positions that are open for election, each owner can vote for up to 5 Candidates.  The 5 Candidates receiving the most votes will be elected to the Board.
  • August 18 - Special Meeting to elect 5 Candidates to the Board