Big Cypress
Big Cypress is a neighborhood of 64 homes that sits on a peninsula with beautiful views of Lake Sweetgrass.  Our quarterly meetings are well attended. We strive to keep our neighbors informed, and regularly have a guest speaker. Our Party Planning Committee does a great job of planning and executing events such as pizza night, potluck dinner, and soup night.  We also have a quarterly Ladies Night Out hosted at a neighbor's home.  Big Cypress homeowners take great pride in their homes...we think we have some of the prettiest yards in Sweetgrass! Much of our neighborhood social activity consists of smaller groups of neighbors pursuing activities such as dinner clubs, concerts, cruises and local outings; plus we have a "pocket" park in the center of our neighborhood which is a perfect setting for gatherings. We're very grateful to have a Care Committee that assists our neighbors who need a little extra help during a time of illness or medical treatment.
Meeting Dates:
May 7th, 6:00 p.m.
Aug 6th, 6:00 p.m.
Nov 5th,  6:00 p.m.
Copper Leaf is one of the largest neighborhoods in the Del Webb community and boasts an active social schedule and well-attended quarterly meetings. We have a private Facebook page just for our neighborhood with over 120 members. We also organize monthly lunch bunch gatherings and social events including an annual Spring picnic, ice cream socials, Bingo, dining out events, movie days and a holiday fellowship event supporting area charities. We support our neighbors in need with Meal Trains and have instituted Block Captains to monitor neighbor situations which may require neighborly care and to welcome new neighbors.
Echo Bay
Echo Bay is a friendly community comprised of 60 original classic and garden series homes. The community is made up of three streets, Anchor Cove, Windward Court, and Shoreside Drive. 
Many of our homes border the southern shore of Lakehouse Lake. Our quarterly meetings provide our residents with important information and an opportunity to gather and socialize. We recently started a monthly ladies' lunch bunch, which has been well received by the ladies of the community. Echo Bay also participates in the Neighborhood Watch program.
2023 Meeting Dates:
  • January 24
  • April 25
  • July 25
  • October 3 (Neighborhood Night Out)
  • December TBA (Holiday Party)
Visit our Neighborhood webpage HERE
Escarpment Ridge
Welcome to all from “The Ridge,” Escarpment Ridge that is. We are a neighborhood of, what else, Ridgies! Perhaps you have seen us at various events with our official bright blue Ridgies shirts.   As one of the smallest neighborhoods, with only 32 homes, we have come to know all of our neighbors well, and we are very active in the Sweetgrass activities as well as our Ridgie events.  With an active social committee, we have many functions during the year including such things as sports challenges, monthly dinners out, neighbors’ night out and progressive dinners, not to mention an occasional crazy party.  
Like many in Sweetgrass, we are a Neighborhood Watch community, and we have all learned to watch out for each other and freely offer our talents and help to those in our neighborhood who need it. Furthermore, to strengthen our surrounding communities, we also participate with local charities such as Lunches of Love, Child advocates of Fort Bend, Mamie George Center and others.   
While Sweetgrass offers many amenities, the best part of living here is the neighbors around us.  For these and our many other blessings, we are truly grateful.
Grey Hawk Cove
Meeting Dates:
Jan 8th, 6:00 p.m.
Apr 9th, 6:00 p.m.
Jul 9th, 6:00 p.m.
Oct 8th, 6:00 p.m.
Heritage Park
Heritage Park is an active neighborhood with more than 160 homes. Our social committee keeps us busy with gatherings several times a year including block parties, a holiday party in December and dinner out in local restaurants. There are lunch bunch & Bunko groups to provide fun & friendship and a private Facebook group to keep the neighbors up to date on happenings in our neighborhood. Many of the streets have individual gatherings so that residents can better know their immediate neighbors as well as provide smaller, more intimate social gatherings. Because Heritage Park is so large, each street has block captains that “oversee” 8 to 10 homes to monitor when residents are in need of assistance, are on vacation and visit any new residents. 
Click HERE to view the Heritage Park page. 
Knotted Pines
Knotted Pines is a 49-home neighborhood with two streets, Pinyon Court and Satin Leaf Lane. We are a close-knit Neighborhood Watch community where we watch out for and help our neighbors. Want to know more? Click Here
Lost Pines
Lost Pines is the first neighborhood visitors see as they enter Sweetgrass from Highway 762. Lost Pines is also first in other ways. Late in January 2011, the first lots from the Lost Pines and Valley Oaks neighborhoods were claimed through a phone-in lottery. Lost Pines is the site of many of those first homes.
Lost Pines is the first neighborhood that all new-build homeowners visited, thanks to the models there. For nearly a year, Lost Pines was also home to the first community center in Sweetgrass. Homeowners had their potlucks and other events in the sales center until the Lakehouse was finished.  
Today Lost Pines is a community of 148 homes, and it will be the last neighborhood to complete new home sales. Many of us remember when there was no phone service, no location on GPS, no bridge, and no traffic light.  Lost Pines has been here since the first months of Sweetgrass, and it will continue to be first in the hearts of its homeowners.
Click HERE to view the Lost Pines page. 
You will find the folks in Redbud are very friendly and active.  Our social committee coordinates a variety of events and sends out communication throughout the year to keep us all connected. Our motto is.....Redbud Rocks!
Meeting Dates:
Jun 4th, 6:00 p.m.
Sep 3rd, 6:00 p.m.
Dec 10th, 6:00 p.m.
Click HERE to view the Redbud page.
River Pointe
Meeting Dates:
Mar 22nd 6:30 p.m.
Sep 27th, 6:30 p.m.
Rolling Ridge
Rolling Ridge is made up of Classic style homes and one Garden style.  We formed as an official neighborhood at the end of 2019. We have an active Social Committee that plans monthly activities such as an Ice Cream Social, Derby Day party, an outing to see the Space Cowboys, attending plays at the C.A.S.T theater and lots of driveway socials. We have groups who play Canasta, Mexican Train, Poker, and Pickleball.  Also puzzlers, crafters, and RVs.  If you live in Rolling Ridge, we have a Facebook page you can request to join.  Rolling Ridge Sweetgrass
A 93 estate home community located in the back half of Sweetgrass and sits between the east side of the Sweetgrass Lake and the west (inner) side of Sweetgrass Circle.  The first home was built in 2017 and Shearwater was officially recognized as a neighborhood in late 2019.  We are an active community with our own neighborhood welcoming committee, a social committee, and several ladies card groups and lunch bunches.  Our residents are very active in the Canasta, Garden, Men’s, Pickleball, Travel and Women’s Clubs.  We are an inclusive and welcoming group who enjoy socializing and helping each other. 
Valley Oaks
Click HERE to view the Valley Oaks page.
Whisper Springs
Whisper Springs has 50 homes and was officially recognized as a neighborhood in 2017. The first home was completed in 2016. We are an active and diverse neighborhood that has become a close-knit community with regular social events. Our residents serve on the Safety, Emergency Preparedness, Health & Wellness, and Lakes & Waterways Committee. Sweetgrass has exceeded our expectations as a great place to live and make new friends.
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Our great Wildflower neighborhood is off Del Webb Blvd—catty-cornered from the front entrance to the Lakehouse. The neighborhood started in 2012 with the house at 2803 Cone Flower Drive. In 2015, with the completion of the house at 2902 Coral Berry Court our neighborhood was complete. We have  113 homes, lining 5 streets—Button Bush Drive, Monterry Oaks Drive, Cone Flower Drive, Feather Grass Way and Coral Berry Court. Our houses are both original classic and garden series floor plans. And we are made up of approximately half singles and half married residents. Click here for more information.
Windflower is made up of friendly folks who enjoy the diverse activities in DW Sweetgrass.  We have gamers, athletes, photographers, stamp collectors, artists, writers and needlecrafters among our crew. However, the best part of our neighborhood is that we always have each others back. Windflower residents meet quarterly to combine our socials with business, enjoy monthly lunch bunches, and take part in the community’s Mardi Gras Celebration, National Night Out and charity drives.
2019 Windflower Quarterly meetings: Feb. 10, May 19, Aug. 11 and Nov. 17.
Windmill Glen
Windmill Glen is the small quiet community directly across Del Webb Blvd from the Lakehouse. It has the Nature Park, Rabbs Bayou and the Golf Course as its exterior boundaries. There are only two streets in Windmill Glen. They are Mission Olive and Wild Olive Way. The residents living on these streets are caring, sharing, thoughtful and giving. There’s a women’s group known as the Windmill Glen Gals. These ladies get together to socialize and make sure that neighbors in need are helped. These ladies are each a leader in their own way. Additional words that best describe those living in Windmill Glenn are humorous, travelers, singers, leaders, librarians, doctors, nurses, educators, tech savvy, religious, sports, cooks, great food, adult beverages, protective and alert. When asked how they would describe Windmill Glen, almost every resident said, “We really care about each other.”